martes, 19 de abril de 2011


When the pain is infinite,
when dreams are destroyed
in a few minutes.
And the sighs drowned the end ...
When the pain is unbearable
rivers in the face
are like lines that cross
this way of life.
Between clouds, between stars
almost mysterious
moonwalker slides
most intact beats
my heart.
When you're not
time stands still,
when the evidence of feeling
there's nothing worse, nothing worse ...
Among anxieties
Multiple dissatisfaction
my life is subject
with the golden thread of your eyes,
with the blood in your veins,
Castaway feeling
sometimes seem innocent
often feel an unconscious
failure is higher.
Passion uproar,
universal tear,
when the pain can not be more
when the tracks are still intact
When someone passes away ...
When that someone has the delicacy
divided into two,
by more than one reason ...
When 50 years of kindness
become injustice
it is no coincidence ...

(c) 2011