sábado, 25 de febrero de 2012


As a black velvet eyes,
caress the meaning of life,
as a paradise of universal feelings
have the weakness of my soul ...

I want to kiss you but we do not see anyone,
on the balcony of our spirit,
the result of three years ...

Unpredictable journey of our time,
I got on the moon and do not find you ...
I have fun thinking about where you are,
but only lasted a little while,
where these ...

Girl too pretty for this morning,
are a maze of emotions
that scatter the sun of a common meeting.

As I see eyes dark velvet
this night of magic and disappointment,
girl ... Is it too late to believe?

I think of you every move brain
and look and look and look
I do not know where you are.

(c) 2012