sábado, 25 de febrero de 2012


Function has been completed
And I need you, do not know how,
with your eyes in my tears formed a sad applause,
half a gram of your sweetness would be sufficient,
galloping of my lyrics unconsciousness
I was the accomplice of all your fears,
I feel like a pirate on your island defeated special
conjuring as I can the strange delusion of your absence.
Function has been completed,
I would write the perfect story
and dedicate it to my princess
but drowned in the tide
lay my verses lying on the sand ...

At night strange voices unattainable
all my dreams melted in the heat of your body,
sacred garden, mining of memories,
calcined your lips on my lips
and you know that my profession is "hurt me."
Function has been completed,
I need you and I can not stand,
wanted to be the fool who went crazy your youth,
wanted to fill your soul with brightness and answers
I do not know if you remember that I smoked your mouth and bites of love,
pain is stirred into tears repentant
I am a cripple in every morning you go ...
Forget ¿is stupidity to walk again?
provoked me once my smile sweetly
each of our games ....

 (c) 2012