jueves, 23 de agosto de 2012

It was not enough

Pleasure, thick saliva,
circumstances vary your orgasms,
abusive of dreams,
my body is a flower newborn.
Devora my muscle maddening
and not even a drop falls.
Nothing is stronger than your attraction for me,
tonight oppress your own.
With the need of my hands on,
the cruelty of my hidden words.
Drink your tongue, kissing the limits of your body.
You never understand you're a whore
but not enough.
It was not enough,
strength, courage, versatility,
unconsciousness in your thinking,
limit your buttocks reddened,
has not been enough.
Eat your liquid
insufficient drinking whispers,
you my permission and inconsistency,
my disputes and your nobility,
feel, give my mind
so you can continue to grow,
gray sky,
How can you win the war without me?
The lips are invisible but accurate,
moments are invisible and acknowledge,
perhaps scarce
has not been enough.
My hands and your hands together,
think, think, think ...

(c) 2012