jueves, 23 de agosto de 2012

Close your eyes

Losing or winning,
sit on your lips or watch the world go by.
Selfishness or continuity??
Vibrate your body
because so much left to do.
are the Goddess that makes me smile,
spend or not to spend
eternal day, eternal days.
Resurrected overnight explosion
where my permit was your flight,
where you're mine and I was your own.
Lion Roaring,
awful night,
the stars we follow
where no one else can find.

You know I owe you?
You never know,
reality is paused
and the future does not exist.

You know I'd give for a kiss?
It's in your hands

Close your eyes,
this darkness will not let you think.
Dreams are dreams if you're not.
Feeling true,
sacrifices coaster understood,
lakes of trouble, but ...
Your body is not free
and I wonder ...
It's best not to ask.
Remain silent,
hide, reborn and see you're there,
always ready ... Want to be happy?

And in a dream close
Moon says:
Close your eyes,
close your eyes again.

(c) 2012