viernes, 2 de marzo de 2012


You and I are looking for life
my virtue as there is still moist soil
soaking this nostalgia,
Your smile is a four leaf clover ...

With the depth of present pain
again, another night I do not sleep with my ...

You and I are two stars that shine with wisdom,
as an ancient sky,
like two animals that feed the hungry with a desire,
with the same desire ...

Honestly, I never get tired of waiting anywhere ...
The news in a newspaper bother me
and sometimes I do not think,
words you hear people
words with their truth
achieve a world
a parallel between you and me.

Reasons lost in the rain from your eyes
and my particular inconsistency,
I know and who I can be,
win or not win,
succeed in your thinking particles
and step that I helped you up ...
Where is it? Where could he be?

You and I are two cars at high speed,
in tow a few bumps hard won
to over sixty night I anesthetized,
who want more, who can provide more ...

You and I are two fools who run away from the situation,
We are like angels in this hell
known rainbow ...
And life is returning to regret,
our lives do not understand,
since I told you, sorry ...

(c) 2012