viernes, 2 de marzo de 2012


I can not control,
I recognize that your protection
melts in my feeble human strength.
I feel angry,
as heroin in the veins of a man over.

The heart is worn paper thin,
time is the opposite for an award
the only way that loving.

Your life you give me your
and I try to pray that goodness still can not believe ...
I try, I can do whatever it takes,
to kiss your lips.

That anger, now makes me think hard enough ...
Is it enough?
The answer lies in being brave?
that anger, I now strangles
self as a swing wisdom,
sometimes I can not more ...

pat, I still believe in your touch,
in all the kisses you gave me today,
wanting to succeed north of a local youth,
misunderstood our youth
for all people, but two
we are your self adorning our future,
loving us and making us harm,
who is able to love well,
Who is able to love and not touch?

(c) 2012