miércoles, 21 de noviembre de 2012

Ghost girl

For a breeze and your wickedness,
by a dangerous situation,
your mouth is past.

Disappear between my desire girl ghost
the words remain,
Hugs are tied to your false submission.
Dark-eyed girl,
my repentance,
your desire to succeed,
January 9 disappear one for my intense concern.

By a breath,
a friendship that predicts not see you anymore,
coincidences depends on us.

Mourn and think,
time strikes me as a boxer,
ghost girl disappear from my impotence
and I think,
thinking of you because I need a little more each day.

A cry you can hear,
a hotel where you feel really dirty,
a beach that wants to pray before us two,
while someone asks where these ...

Mourn and remember,
the days are eternal,
that are eternal day without you ...

(c) 2012