sábado, 17 de septiembre de 2011


One of those dreams,
more likely, leading ...
A maddening greed,
a way of thinking.

This is all for you,
That's all for my despair.

No your eyes around me,
loving words of a girl so special
you can think even more ...

Narratives and dialogues in just two years,
victimhood and empty words
one of those dreams
hit reality to an extreme cruel.

Mourn and meditate,
search and search,
this is everything to us,
That's all for my true despair.

Concern and nostalgia,
as a princess longs to the duo further
and while the nearest
I can sense that a single stroke.

Eyes closed,
this is all for real blow,
Is every story has a beginning and end?

Mourn and meditate,
room in an absurd
who once dressed up as your voice
as a complex, beautiful complex.
This is all resists and a whisper,
increases the possibility
tears are sincere anywhere
the poems are long-term care
maybe one day you can use.

(c) 2011